About Us

About Us

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is a charity registered with the Charity Commissioners.  The work is carried out by volunteers, co-ordinated by a small team of paid staff under the supervision of the Director.  Volunteer Trustees direct and oversee the activities.  Orignally called Cambridge CAMTAD (Campaign for Tackling Acquired Deafness) the charity was founded in 1978 by the late Mrs Dorothy Parry, a lip-reading teacher.  The first volunteers were trained in June 1982 and the first volunteer visiting commenced in 1983.

The object for which Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is established is to relieve the need and help people with hearing loss or deafness in or near Cambridgeshire, for the purpose of removing or reducing the limitations caused by those conditions to the ability to communicate and to enjoy life.  It aims:


  • To create awareness of the nature, extent and problems of hearing loss.
  • To inform and advise those people with hearing loss of the available help, instruction, services and techniques which could reduce or solve their problems.
  • To inform, advise and educate the general public (in particular employers, those people concerned with relevant public services and those people who are colleagues or relatives or carers of people with hearing loss) about the various ways of tackling the problems stemming from the condition.
  • To identify and provide training for suitable voluntary helpers who will be prepared and able to communicate in the widest sense with those people with hearing loss with the objective of tackling the problems stemming from the condition.


Hearing loss is a challenge when it inhibits communication.  Whilst Cambridgeshire Hearing Help’s main services are focused  on hearing aid maintenance, it has always actively campaigned for the need for better communication for the hard of hearing.  In 2004 it was funded to conduct a survey of loop provision in the City of Cambridge and in 2008 produced with the aid of lottery funding the induction DVD for deaf awareness.  Click here to view the DVD.  Cambridgeshire Hearing Help volunteers and staff deliver talks and training on all aspects of hearing loss to professional staff or carers as well as any groups that have an interest in this area.


Cambridgeshire Hearing Help has been and continues to be well supported by local audiology providers and the local authority sensory services team and works in partnership with these organisations and other local charities to provide a local and accessible hearing help service.


Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is funded through contracts with the NHS and Cambridgeshire County Council and through gift donations and other grants.


Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age but the majority of people with the condition are over 60.  As this proportion of the population grows so does the need for Cambridgeshire Hearing Help’s work and every year we have seen an increase in the demands on the service, without further public funding.

 If you would like to donate via local giving click here.